• To provide banking services to the rural people focusing to the marginalized and deprived groups/communities who are financially ‘unreached' and support them for self- reliant economic development activities in the communities
  • To provide credits to create income and employment opportunities for the poor and help to reduce poverty level among the rural population in general and women of the target group in particular.
  • To develop an institutional mechanism to link /graduate various informal communities groups, Co-operatives and CBOs into the formal banking institution and enhance their capacity for community banking through business development services, business counseling ,entrepreneurial consulation, financial/banking literacy etc
  • To promote self-employment by exploring the areas of investment in indigenous knowledge and traditional skills
  • To help in rehabilitation and social reintegration of under-privileged ,landless, war victim, freed kamaiyas and haliyas and displaced people through financial services and other social intermediations
  • To promote community project such as rural tourism, micro-hydropower, greenery initiatives, renewable energy and community farming/business