Message From CEO

Since 2000 the institutional promoter, ’Janautthan Pratisthan ‘has started its community banking and now bank has taken that role. Bank has been  following ‘credit first intervention approach which is also called  community banking model, a hybrid of grameen and self reliant models .This, model is shift from agro-based conventional lending to skill and indigenous knowledge based product design. It is an initiative for ‘building inclusive financial system in Nepal’.
JSLBB bank have categories its clients by analyzing poverty status of the clients individual intervention to the most deprived clients/members according to their socio-economic poverty status and develops the package accordingly; i.e. hardcore poor C+++ (credit plus individual intervention, social empowerment and skill enhancement/business development services). Likewise, C++(Credit plus social empowerment and skill enhancement/business development services) for Capable poor since they may not need the individual intervention and only C+ (Credit plus skill enhancement/business development services) for better off.  With this new approach, it has been the attraction of the deprived groups for their economic empower.
Specifically, JSLBB has been established with a aim to attain milestone goal of reducing poverty and tackling marginalization of poor and deprived section of the society. By recognizing that traditional model of service delivery would not be sufficient to aware about the client protection, social performance, social liabilities and sustainability issues, support in overall improvement in the livelihood i.e. education, health, economic status of especially women clients bank support them by engaging them in various forms of entrepreneurship & professional farming and also provide them skill as well as capacity building training as per their need. Bank has made special effort in reaching a group of socially vulnerable urban and We are committed to excel further on our mission with new ideas, innovative microfinance product and wide range of supporting services; by applying updated technology.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the regulators, Board of directors, stakeholders and partners for your valuable support and look forward to continuing as previous in days to come, as well. . I would also like to thank all the staffs of JSLBB for their strong efforts and commitments towards maintaining JSLBB as a sound, different and sustainable MFDB’s in the country.
Thank You.
ShreeRam Pokhrel
Chief Executive Officer